Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Summer and Full-Time Job Resources from CAPS

If you haven't heard already, the economy is in crisis right now, and that means that more students than ever are thinking about their summer plans and their plans for post-graduation. We're well into internship season right now, but if you're still making plans, or if you're still not sure how to start making plans, we have good news - CAPS is offering a wide range of workshops this spring to help students find opportunities for the summer and beyond.

Here's a snapshot of what's coming up (be sure to check the CAPS calendar for updated dates, times and locations for all of these programs):

March 4, Time TBD, Ida Noyes Hall
Use Your Spring Break to Find a Valuable Summer Experience, Part I: Spring break might be for laying out on the beach. It's also for making connections and finding out more about summer opportunities.
(Part II will be planned for after spring break, to help students turn the connections you make over spring break into an internship.)

April 2, Time TBD, Ida Noyes Hall
Finding Summer Opportunities: No, April is not too late to start looking for a summer internship, research position or other opportunity. Attend this workshop to learn more about places to look for internship postings, preparing your application materials, and landing that position.

April 9, Time TBD, Ida Noyes Hall
CAPS Stimulus Package: Job Searching in a Weak Economy: Yes, the economy is weak. No, this does not mean there are not any jobs available - but the search is more challenging that in year past. Attend this workshop for tips to continue your job search, even when it feels like there aren't any jobs out there.

April 20, Time TBD, Ida Noyes Hall
Recession Job Search Strategies: Where are the jobs? Attend this workshop to learn more about searching for full-time positions when the economy is struggling. The job search is changing, and you need to adapt your skills to find those hidden opportunities.

May 12, Time TBD, Ida Noyes Hall
Finding Summer Opportunities: It's still not too late - in fact, it's never too late to look for a summer opportunity. Attend this workshop to learn more about "just in time" opportunities and conducting an internship search this spring.

May 19, Time TBD, Ida Noyes Hall
For 3rd years: Strategizing for the Full time job Search — What to expect and look for next year. This one is self-explanatory. If you're a third year, and you're planning to look for a full-time job next year, attend this workshop. It's never too early to start planning your job search strategy.

Questions about any of these programs? Contact CAPS at (773) 702 - 7040. Ideas for other workshops or programs we should be offering? Post them here.

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