Monday, January 26, 2009

Fortune's 100 Best Companies to Work For

Now that the inauguration week is over and it's down to business in Washington, DC the focus for many individuals is back on the economy, and the continued downturn that the country is facing. There's no denying that these are tough economic times - but even in the midst of so much dismal news, there is some good stuff out there. Case in point, Fortune Magazine recently released its list of the 100 top companies to work for. These are 100 companies that are weathering the economic storm, offering great benefits to their employees and growing (or at least holding steady) during these difficult times.

For students, especially those thinking about upcoming graduation and a full-time job search, the list is a great jumping off point when considering which organizations you might be interested in working at. BCG, Goldman Sachs and Google - all companies that come to campus to find interns and full-time staff - are in the top ten. But there are may also be companies on this list that you haven't considered before, and learning more about what got them into the top 100 could influence some of your plans for job applications down the road.

As CAPS staff member Michael Paone advised students this past fall, the key to a successful job search during this time is to think outside the box. And as Michael said, "Thinking outside the box this fall means working with CAPS to see which firms may be a good fit for you and identifying new companies for you to go after - even companies that were not previously on your radar screen."

Use this list of 100 companies to start identifying companies that weren't on your radar screen before. If you're not sure how to contact these companies, or you're not sure where to begin, call CAPS (773 - 702 - 7040) and schedule and appointment to talk about which organizations interest you and how you can reach them.

Questions or comments? Post them here. And if there are companies that aren't on this list - but that you'd really like to see recruiting on campus - post those suggestions here as well.

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