Friday, June 27, 2008

The New Chicago Career Connection: Good or Bad?

The new Chicago Career Connection has been up for almost two weeks now, and CAPS has received some feedback about the system, both good and bad. Students like the appearance of the new platform, the ease with which they can sign up for weekly email industry lists, and the prospect of using an easy-to-access, personalized calendar to keep upcoming CAPS events organized. On the other hand, some students have pointed out that the new system appears to have fewer job postings than UChicagoTRAK, or that it’s difficult to find the jobs that are posted.

To help students navigate the new system, CAPS’ staff members have these suggestions:

“When you log into Chicago Career Connection, under the Jobs and Internships tab, you have a choice to choose "" -- use that as a starting point in your job search. The University of Chicago-specific part of the database is re-populating bit by bit as we transition to the new system, and we’ll be adding new job postings throughout the summer and into the fall. In the meantime the jobs central site has many positions currently posted.

If you aren’t finding positions that match what you are interested in, schedule an appointment with CAPS. CAPS staff are available all summer to help with your job search and suggest other resources that you can use.”

If you'd like to schedule an appointment with a CAPS' staff member, call (773) 702 - 7040. If you have suggestions or comments about Chicago Career Connection, post them here.

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